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Will Crowdfunding the Nicopure vs FDA Appeal Work?

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    Appealing a federal lawsuit against the FDA isn’t cheap. The estimate is that this round will cost at least $250,000. It’s important for the vaping industry to get behind the lawsuit, since it may be the last chance to overturn the FDA Deeming Rule. If it stands, at least 98 percent of the vaping industry will be wiped off the map in 2022.

    Now a coalition of vape industry players, led by Vape News Magazine and Nick Green (GrimmGreen), is promoting a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the lawsuit. #FUNDtheSUIT is what they’re calling the effort, and it has a simple mission: to raise enough money to fund the current appeal.

    The GoFundMe campaign is only a couple of days old, and nearly 10 percent of the goal has been raised already, much of it in $5 and $10 donations from vapers. It’s exciting to see the community pull together to help push back against the draconian regulations the FDA has in mind — although the lawsuit should probably be funded by the industry and not individual vapers.

    Please share the GoFundMe link, or this story, or Grimm’s video! Tell the owners and employees at your favorite vape shops and online retailers that you expect them to help appeal the suit.

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