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Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Preview | Back and better than ever

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    The newest member of the Revenger family is an identical replica of its predecessor. Adopting equal dimensions and paired with the matching NRG Tank as used in the first kit, it is impossible to evaluate their differences on looks alone. Or is it?

    Upon closer inspection, it is evident that Vaporesso has switched out the large firing and adjustment buttons for responsive, “touch” buttons located below the main menu display. This high-tech adaptation is in keeping with modern trends and in this regard, Vaporesso is one of the early adopters of this feature.

    In support of this feature, the inclusion of an 8-tier vibration system means that users have the option of customizing the device to vibrate at different levels; essentially mimicking the effect of typing on a mobile device. In addition, a simplified menu system with easy “one touch” navigation makes this mod suitable for users of all skill levels.

    The NRG Tank atomizer makes a return appearance for this release. Available in either a 2 mL or 5 mL version, this cloud chasing tank utilizes the GT Core coil family. The kit includes two varieties to get you started. A pre-installed GT4 and a NRG8 GT Core coil, both 0.15 Ω.

    If you missed the original “Revenger” craze, then the good news is that you’re just in time for its resurrection. And with a little luck, Vaporesso may just win over a few more supporters with its upcoming release. What has been your experience with Vaporesso products so far?

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