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#VapesGiving: funding the future of vaping

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    E-liquid manufacturers and other vaping businesses can help themselves and the entire industry by taking part in the first annual #VapesGiving fundraising event.

    Next year will be full of legal and regulatory challenges at national, state, and local levels. In addition to fighting flavor bans and Tobacco21, each state organization needs an effective, experienced lobbyist in its state capitol.

    #VapesGiving offers a great chance for stakeholders to show their commitment to helping the industry survive and prosper. As vape shops realize how crucial advocacy will be to protecting their futures, many are choosing to stock products by manufacturers that support the legal and regulatory battles ahead.

    #VapesGiving is raising money that will be distributed to 20 national and state advocacy organizations, including CASAA and the American Vaping Association (AVA). The event ends Tuesday, Dec. 19.

    The AVA is hosting #VapesGiving, and e-liquid manufacturer Naked100 has agreed to match all contributions up to $190,000. That means that right now, any business’s investment in protecting the future of vaping is doubled.

    While #VapesGiving is aimed at challenging vape businesses to fund advocacy, consumers can also contribute. Many have already. You can check out a list of those who have donated, and please consider buying products from the companies that proudly support the future of vaping.

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