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Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80w Preview | Gene Chip Powered

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    The Pulse BF 80w will have an updated squonk bottle with 7-8 mL capacity and will come in four different color options for the front and back panels (three resin and one carbon fiber) – this is Vandy Vape, so we expect more colors down the road. The package will also include a 30 mL silicon refill bottle, used to fill your squonk bottle through the device’s 510 connection. The refill bottle will be insulated to avoid shorting the connection. As a proud owner of a couple of these refill bottles for the original Pulse BF, I can ensure you that you will appreciate it when you are out and about.

    As with the original Pulse BF, you will be able to fit 20700s as well as 18650s with the included adapter. The box will be made out of the same nylon material reinforced with some fiberglass to make it even more durable. Unfortunately, the back and front panels will not be interchangeable between the two and the regulated Pulse will be a tiny bit bigger due to the inclusion of the Gene chip. That said, the Pulse with the Gene chip makes for a dynamic duo. It’s a small tradeoff.

    The Pulse BF 80W will come with a price tag between $60 and $75 and Vandy Vape will start shipping to retailers by the start of March. Check out Tony B’s live Q&A (24-minute mark onwards for the Pulse BF 80w). While you are at it, remember to check the video’s highlight (a Tony B bobblehead!) at the 46-min mark. You’re welcome!

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