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The Best JUUL Charger: JILI vs. Jix vs. Typhon

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    All the chargers were tested by me with the new blue JUUL battery (I used three), and they were re-charged directly into my PC. I spent over a week depleting all the batteries and chargers down to cut-off, all from a fully-charged state. Though charge times may vary a tad, I timed everything with a stopwatch and kept a close eye on the time. There is no guesswork here!

    Baseline: The standard USB JUUL charger takes 52 minutes to fully charge a JUUL battery.

    Price: 29.95-39.95

    The JILI by Uptown-Tech is the most powerful of all the portable JUUL chargers with 1200 mAh. It’s shaped like a pack of cigarettes and fits easily into a pocket. Oddly enough, it has the most mAh of the three but it’s also the most lightweight. And it can house two extra pods along with one JUUL and a pod.

    The battery life and charge times (for the JUUL) are flat-out amazing! The JILI is first for fastest charge time and for most JUUL charges. I got four full charges, and charge times were 31, 32, 31, and 33 minutes. And the JILI battery itself can be monitored by a digital readout that is activated when you insert a JUUL, or while the JILI charges. Unfortunately, the status of the JUUL charge cannot be seen without flipping open the lid and peering down inside to see if charging white light is on. It’s a silly oversight by Uptown-Tech for an otherwise beast of a charger.

    As a JUUL case, this charger feels like a complete product design, though not the most well-constructed. The top closes like a pack of cigarettes, but the lid is a thin plastic that doesn’t feel like it can withstand too many drops. And the CGI of the product on the website looks better than it does in person. On the site, the case looks shiny with a silver logo, but in person it’s a matte finish (almost like a faux woodgrain) on a plastic body with a dull green logo.

    While the JILI does house two extra JUUL pods in the case, you need to keep the color-coded caps on the pods. If you don’t, the pods will rattle on the inside and potentially fall right out of the case when opening the lid. There is also a little wiggle room in the JUUL battery compartment that will cause a slight rattle. In the end, the JILI is the most powerful and practical JUUL charger, but the construction is lacking. It feels cheap but works very well.

    Price: $24.99

    The Jix charger is easily the sleekest of the three chargers, and it’s also the smallest being the exact same height as the JUUL. And at just 95 mm x 42 mm x 10 mm, it can almost entirely fit into a 5th pocket of jeans. It doesn’t have any extra storage though, but it’s lack of storage is a trade-off for the size. Surprisingly, it’s the second heaviest of the three, weighing in at 104 grams.

    The Jix comes in second for most full charges, but it’s last for charge times being about the same as the USB charger. With 1000 mAh battery capacity, I got three full charges, and charge times were 53, 51, and 53 minutes for depleted JUUL batteries. The fourth charge didn’t make it past five minutes before the JIX needed recharging. But unlike the JILI, you can easily see when your JUUL is finished charging by way of a little window that shows the charging white light. There is also an LED that keeps you aware of your Jix battery status (green or red, and it means what you think).

    As a case, I like the Jix the most due to its simplicity, sleekness, size, and all metal construction. It doesn’t have a lid or closing mechanism, so you just drop the JUUL in and go. I just place the JUUL inside of the Jix without needing to remove it from my pocket. It’s also easy to access the vape pen since the pod in the JUUL sticks out (just grab it by the pod). It also features a strong magnet that can keep the JUUL inside, even upside down. The tolerances are low with only a tiny bit of wiggle room, but these low tolerances will prevent you from charging a JUUL with a skin on it.

    All things considered, this is a nice charge case for the price. At only $24.99, it is the least expensive of all three on this list. It’s lacking some of the features of the other two chargers, but it’s got its own pros that outweigh its cons.

    Price: $60.00

    The Typhon by Hydra Tech Vapor is a behemoth! It’s by far the largest of the other cahrgers, the heaviest, the most well-made, and the most rugged. It’s also the most expensive of the chargers for sale. Made from high-strength anodized aluminum, the Typhon stands 134 mm x 56 mm x 20 mm and weighs 123 grams. Shockingly, it’s the lowest battery capacity of the other charge cases despite its big size.

    The Typhon 800 mAh battery comes in second for charge times (about 10 minutes behind the JILI), but last for the number of full JUUL charges (one less charge than the small Jix). My two charge times for the Typhon were 40 and 43 minutes, and the third charge lasted a few minutes before the Typhon died. But monitoring charge levels is easy with a row of four white LEDs on the bottom of the charger. They correspond to the battery level of the Typhon and if the JUUL is still charging — lights on means charging and off means complete.

    As a case, this thing is a beast. It works as a tray and drawer system that is accessed by pressing a logo-branded button at the bottom of the charger. Inside the tray is a silicone insert housing a USB charger, the JUUL, and an extra pod. Everything fits snuggly inside and I’ve purposely dropped mine a few times and nothing rattles afterward. This charger case is secure and built to last. But the Typhon is a bit too large to be practical for daily pocket carry. It will easily fit into most pockets, but it’s cumbersome.

    The overall design of the device is nice, and the finish has a quality satin feel, but it looks rather plain with most of the intrigue on the inside of the tray. For the price of $60, you’re going to be paying for the quality materials and durability of the case.

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