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Snowwolf Vfeng 120 BF Kit Preview | Two Bottles One Battery

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    Squonking was all the rage last year. Now in early 2018, it looks like it’s full steam ahead with yet more companies jumping on the bandwagon. So, what is squonking? In short, it’s a way to vape on an RDA without dripping. See our full guide to squonking to learn more…

    The Snowwolf Vfeng 120 Dual Squonk BF Kit takes it to a different level. With two bottles you can easily combine or switch flavors on the go. Each bottle has a 3 mL capacity. Of course, you can fill both bottles with the same juice for a 6 mL total capacity of that flavor.

    Flavor mixing isn’t anything new. EHPro made a dual-flavor RDTA named the Big Bear that could be separated in two, so you could use one flavor in each half. They also made the Fusion Kit with a similar RDTA that allowed each coil to be fired separately. Snowwolf took a simpler approach, using two bottles that feed the RDA independently.

    While it’s an interesting concept, what the market has really been screaming for is a dual-battery regulated squonk mod. Snowwolf went with two bottles, when they could have put the batteries in place of the bottles and a single bottle in the middle, which would have filled a real need.

    Now they will have to compete with tons of other options on the market, banking on a gimmick. It runs off a single battery that can be used with either a 21700, 20700, or 18650 batteries, but the claim of 120 watts seems farfetched. Snowwolf has overstated the power output of mods before. The Vfeng 230 I tested, for example, maxed out at around 192 watts, not the 230 claimed.

    I’d be surprised if this mod does over 100 watts. And although it features Temperature Control like the Vfeng 230, that was a pretty poor TC performer, so I wouldn’t bank on its accuracy. It also has a large color screen and LEDs like the Vfeng 230.

    The included Vfeng RDA features a dual-coil postless deck — with an option for single coils — and a side airflow system. It’s very similar to the CoilART DPRO, only with bigger airholes. The RDA itself actually looks really good. While the outside has a more angular shape to match the mod’s aesthetics, the inside is cylindrical.

    The bottom line: I personally would have been more excited to see a dual-battery squonker than a dual-bottle model. I’m curious if readers agree though, so please comment below.

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