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SMOK Stick M17 Kit Preview | “Specialty Makes Brilliance”

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    Slimmer than traditional vape pens, the SMOK Stick M17 Kit is comprised of a 17.5mm diameter body that sits at a height of around 130 mm. The unit includes a built-in battery with a 1300 mAh output rating providing extended vaping times and excellent power efficiency.

    The included atomizer offers a minimal, 2 mL eliquid storage capacity and is designed for use with SMOK’s newest, 0.6 Ohm dual coils. These coils have been optimized for smoother and more stable vapor outputs and are made to be easily fitted and replaced as needed – requiring little to no user experience or intervention. A swiveled top cap makes refilling simple and hassle free, with a leak-proof construction for improved usability.

    And in a nutshell, that’s basically it! Seriously, this is REALLY all there is to it! Which brings me back to my very first point, “What’s so special about this kit anyway?”

    Well, not a lot to be honest. Other than a slimmer form factor and a marginally reduced weight, the M17 Kit is really not exceptionally remarkable in any other way.

    Perhaps the chosen tag phrase, “Specialty Makes Brilliance” in fact refers to the new, dual coils that have been designed for this setup. But if this is the case, it is certainly not very clear. A more likely possibility is that SMOK’s internal marketing department simply slapped a few words together and called it a day.

    However, this is not to say that it isn’t “special” in its own way; I just haven’t quite figured out why.

    Am I missing something? Or do you agree? We want to hear your thoughts!

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