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SMOK Rolo Badge Review | An Upside-Down Suorin Drop?

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    Since the design of the Drop has been inverted, the Badge pods are wider and shorter though they hold the same amount of juice. And the pods are dark tinted like the Drop, though not as dark. Still, it’s not always easy to see your juice level unless you’re in a well-lit space.

    Refilling the Rolo Badge is the same as the Drop too. There are two refill plugs, both anchored on one side. Filling the Badge is easiest with the included needle-tip bottle or a unicorn bottle, and it’s not necessary to use both sides since the juice flows pretty easily past the center chimney.

    Lastly, the pods are magnetic but they don’t click into place. It’s pretty much mush when you insert the pods. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but vapers love a good click!

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