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Organic E-Liquid: Marketing Ploy or Real Deal?

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    Short answer? Very, very few. Obviously, we can’t analyze them all, and are wary to take many companies at face value.

    That said, a handful of proven organic e-liquid companies have risen in prominence of late, and warrant attention—not only for diligently achieving and maintaining certified organic status, but also for producing darn tasty e-liquid.

    Vape Organics is a wholesale-only manufacturer of USDA-certified organic e-liquids. They currently only sell to brick-and-mortar vape shops and online retailers. According to the company’s very detailed website, the sustainable production facility includes:

    • In-house R&D department, lab and ISO-certified clean rooms
    • Solar power
    • In-house nicotine extraction

    In addition to being 100% VG, Vape Organics liquids are vegan, free of GMOs, chemicals and artificial flavorings, and feature USDA-certified 100% organic tobacco. This ensures the extracts are organic, as well.

    It’s a proprietary process they use for extraction, but the USDA deemed it worthy of the vaunted “100% organic” tag, making it good enough for us.

    Kai’s Virgin Vapor is a longstanding member of the vape community, and has continued to build its brand around the concept of purity.

    All of the company’s flavorings are certified organic, pesticide-free, GMO-free, and vegan. They assure, through the use of certified organic, USP-grade VG as a base, their liquids are 98.2-100% organic, depending on desired nicotine level.

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