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Joyetech Espion Solo Review | 80 Watts with a Touchscreen

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    I’ve used 10 atomizers on the Espion Solo and none have given me problems with the 510 connection. I’ve pushed, pulled, and wiggled all of them and it remains solid. The 510 is not centered but can handle a 25 mm atomizer without overhang.

    They claim 2-amp USB charging, but I don’t recommend charging batteries internally on mods unless there is no choice (as with internal battery mods). However I charged the Espion internally with no major issues. It did get quite hot though, and I don’t recommend it.

    Although the screen is bright and easily readable, the controls are very glitchy. Letting go of the adjustment buttons, the Espion screen continues scrolling. Swiping to the side is a mixed bag as well. It’s not very responsive at all and can be a royal pain to use.

    The mod has full wattage adjustments at 20 watts and higher, 0.1-watt increments below 20 watts. The mod also gets quite hot when vaping at higher wattages which I don’t like at all. As for battery life, actual usage will vary from user to user based on wattage and how much they vape. But in theory the included 21700 battery could get up to 33% more battery life than with a single 18650 (using a 300mah battery like a Samsung 30q or Sony VTC6).

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