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Joyetech Espion Silk & NotchCore Kit Preview | Soft and Lightweight

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    The first Espion was a serious looking dual-18650 mod with a colored 1.45-inch screen. The Espion Solo kept the seriousness of its predecessor, ditched a battery and the color screen for a more utilitarian look. Then the Espion Infinite added 21700-compatibility and spiced things up a bit with some funky colors and colored touch screen with a 3D effect.

    Now Joyetech goes back to appreciating the simpler things. The Espion Silk is an internal 2800 mAh mod with an old-school interface on a black and white 0.69-inch screen. The twist: it comes dressed with soft hypoallergenic pads, making it comfortable to hold and ideal for vapers with sensitive skin. And even though Joyetech makes no such claims, it seems like it should be able to withstand more of a beating than your average mod.

    The Espion Silk kit comes with the NotchCore tank. Like the Joyetech Riftcore Duo, the NotchCore tank can be technically classified as “re-wickable”: the NotchCoil heads will come pre-wicked with cotton but the user can replace it at any point. Yes, Notch coils haven’t exactly met the hype in the past. But if Joyetech managed to give us a solid coil-less atomizer with the Riftcore Duo, who’s to say that they won’t revive the Notch game too.

    The Espion Silk with NotchCore kit will start shipping near the end of the month. It is slightly more expensive than your average Joyetech kit, but changing your cotton a couple of times before changing the coil will soon balance the difference. Have you tried notch coils in the past? What do you think of the Espion Silk? Let us know in the comment section.

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