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How To Steep E-Juice: Get the Most Out of Your E-Liquid

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    Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! Here’s how to steep e-juice fast…

    Most people simply don’t have time for steeping. Taste your juice. If you’re already satisfied with the flavor, don’t bother. Some people prefer the taste of freshly mixed juice, believe it or not. If you want to speed up the process, here’s a few speed steeping hacks that you can use:

    Bath – Fill a bowl, sink or bathtub (depending on how much juice you’re steeping) with warm water. Not room temperature or boiling water, it needs to be just right. You can test it by putting your hand or elbow in it. (Pretend you are Goldilocks, you know how the story goes.) Place your eliquid bottles in a plastic bag and let nature do the rest. Easy and effective.

    Slow cooker – Not only good for making chili, slow cookers provide low heat at a consistent temperature for extended periods. Just fill it up with some water and set it to the lowest heat setting. Place your bag of e-juice inside and periodically shake them from time to time.

    Ultrasonic cleaner – If you own an ultrasonic cleaner for vape gear or jewelry, it can also be used to speed-steep your juice. Just fill it up with warm water and let the power of ultrasonic waves send vibrations through your juice. This will allow the molecules mix together quickly.

    Magnetic stirrer – Transfer your eliquid into a large container, preferably a glass one. Then place it on top of the magnetic stirrer and let science do the rest. This method works great, especially if you are creating your own DIY juice. (I call this the Walter White method.)

    Seed Steeping – Not a typo. Seed steeping is when you blend already steeped juice, with fresh, un-steeped juice. This “plants the seed”, which will help to speed up the process.

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