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Eleaf Pico S Review | Fully Tested with Results

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    Testing on this mod was done with the included Avatar Controls 21700 battery. They list the specs at 100 watts, 9 volts, and, though not listed, 30 amps is programmed into the chip. With a 0.1 ohm coil, it only lets me set the watts as high as 90 due to that limit. The max achieved wattage during my testing was 105 watts, so it is accurately rated and capable of doing a little more than the 100 watts listed.

    The amp limit I got was 29 amps, which is average for a single battery mod and close to the 30 amps programmed in the chip. The volt limit I got with a 0.46-ohm coil was 6.943, so in line with most single battery mods. It also confirms that it has a boost circuit, as it should. I would need to test with a coil of 0.81 ohms or higher to get the listed 9 volts. Reaching the listed limit seems plausible — It should be able to provide more than enough voltage for most vaper’s needs.

    You can access the full 100 watts of the mod with coils as low as 0.13 ohms, and up to and probably a bit higher than 0.46 ohms. So a nice wide range to use the mod to its full potential. It does tend to read resistances a little on the low side by around 0.01 to 0.02 ohms. Pretty normal, but worth a mention. The mod never got hot during my testing. See the chart above for the full results.

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