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Digiflavor & TVC Drop Solo RDA Preview | Single-Coil Drop

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    It is a thing. We first saw the Dead Rabbit going for it, and then the Nudge followed suit. Single-coil editions of best-selling dual-coil RDAs are becoming the norm, something that has a lot to do with the rise of the single-battery squonk mods. One less coil means lower power requirements, which in turn means more run-time for your mod. It’s a win-win.

    Now the time for the Drop has come. Brian, aka The Vapor Chronicles, has posted some teasers of the Drop Solo, but not much information is known at the moment. We do know that it will have a diameter of 22 mm and will come with two top caps and a beauty ring. The “normal” top cap makes it look like a smaller edition of the original Drop, while the low profile PMMA top cap eliminates the top airflow row and comes with airflow adjustability.

    The Drop Solo teasers came as a bit of surprise, as Digiflavor kept posting pictures of single-coil builds on the original Drop for a while. Most of the loyal fans of the Drop thought that they would have to settle for the deck of the original for single-coil builds. Strategic or not, the announcement of the Drop Solo caught us off-guard – but nobody is complaining.

    The Drop Solo RDA will get its launch video on TVC’s channel at some point in the following two weeks. Its price will be around $30-35, very affordable especially considering the accessories it will be coming with. Do you prefer single or dual-coil RDAs? What do you think of the Drop Solo? Let us know in the comment section.

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