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Digiflavor Siren 2 GTA MTL | Flavor above and beyond

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    I decide to work my way up every hole and then try the single hole options. These were my experiences:

    • Smallest hole open – Very tight draw, and warm vapor
    • Two holes open – Cigarette-like draw with warm vapor
    • Three holes open – The draw is still tight, but the vapor gets a bit cooler
    • Four holes open – Looser draw, with cool vapor
    • Five holes open – Could be used as a restricted DL hit

    Trying the single hole options, I recognized a bit of a whistle when the holes are not perfectly aligned to each other, something I personally can’t stand. Overall, the single hole options are obviously tighter than having multiple holes open at the same time.

    • 1st and 2nd setting is not much different
    • 3rd hole gives me the same experience as having two holes exposed
    • 4th setting feels somewhere in between two and three
    • 5th is somewhere between three and four holes open

    I had no issues at all with the juice flow; it wicked perfectly. There was no spit back, no gurgling, and no leaking, no matter what I did with the tank. The flavor is very good, as is the vapor production. You won’t blow huge clouds, but that’s not what a MTL vape is for.

    Playing around with the wattage, I found 20 watts was my sweet spot, with two holes exposed. More power made it too warm for me, and less didn’t produce enough vapor. I also enjoy the drip tip very much. It seemed silly at first, but it turned out to be very comfortable in the mouth.

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