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Cue Vapor System preview | Right on cue

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    Vaping has evolved out of the understanding that smoking is related to many preventable health issues. The need for healthier alternatives resulted in early manufacturers attempting to mimic the experience of smoking, with varied success.

    However, many of these first electronic cigarettes simply failed as a result of being either too costly, too complicated, or most often a combination of the two. Although vaping has changed significantly in subsequent years, the need for simple vapes has remained. And with many existing devices failing to satisfy this group of vapers, there is still major room for improvement in this category.

    In response to this need, the Cue Vapor team enters their signature Cue Vapor System. It looks like it might just be the answer smokers have been waiting for./p>

    What makes this system so remarkable is the presence of disposable ejuice cartridges. Although the use of pods in itself is not novel, the sheer variety and quality of the cartridges on offer gives them a slight edge overall. Each one holds 5 mL of eliquid at maximum capacity. Its see-through casing allows the user to easily monitor ejuice levels as needed. Once empty, cartridges are then removed and replaced, thereby eliminating potential issues such as leaking and cracking.

    These trademarked “Cue Cartridges” are paired with a simple rectangular base that houses a powerful 1500 mAh internal battery and a side-facing firing button. The battery is easily recharged via a USB cable and should provide excellent vaping time given its higher capacity.

    This specific cartridge and mod combination removes the necessity for coil building or coil replacing, further enhancing its convenience and simplicity. This means that new vapers need only choose their preferred e-juice cartridge and click it into place in order to get started. It really couldn’t be easier!

    Objectively, the main con I can see with this model is also its main pro: the e-juice cartridges. These fabulously convenient cartridges are ideal in every aspect except for their price point. And with a cartridge retailing for close to $7, this may be a step too far for some newbies — unless the price compares favorably to the price of a pack of smokes.

    Nonetheless, if you can stomach the cost and are keen to quit smoking, this is a great option to consider. And on the plus side, at only $19.99 per kit, it really isn’t a big initial investment for something that could change your life forever!

    How do you feel about the Cue Vapor System? Do you think it will help to usher in a new generation of vapers?

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