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Company Profile: SMOK

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    SMOK was established in 2010 as IVPS’ leading brand. It is located in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district, the global manufacturing center of vaping. The company handles research and development, as well as manufacturing.

    The first splash the company made in the vaping world was in 2011, when it released the industry’s first dual-coil cartomizer. At the time, using dual coils was considered bold and uncommon. Through these popular cartomizers, vapers were able to experience a whole new level of flavor and vapor.

    2012 wasn’t quite as memorable a year for the company in terms of product, but it solidified SMOK’s reputation for pushing the envelope. The SMOK Telescope had a novel system that allowed it to use different batteries from 18350 to 18490/18500 to 18650. The company holds a patent for this unique design. The VMax and ZMax mods were the company’s foray into the “new” world of variable-voltage vaping. Like products from the majority of its Chinese contemporaries at the time, Smoktech’s 2012 lineup performed reasonably well, but was aesthetically unpleasing.

    In 2013, the company pushed its new “cotton-less” technology in the Pyrex Aro and Tumbler tanks. These tanks used an atypical bottom-coil design to help avoid dry hits. Inspired by one of the most influential vaping devices of all time, the eGo Winder was SMOK’s take on what many consider the original enthusiast e-cigarette. Lastly, the Magneto was an updated version of the Telescope that featured a much better looking design and a unique magnetic firing switch.

    As variable-wattage became the norm, SMOK answered with a bevy of variable-wattage products. The Rocket, Shuttle, and Silenus were variable-wattage mods that were easy to use. The most interesting product in SMOK’s 2014 lineup was the BEC Pro. This was the company’s first vaping device to feature Bluetooth connectivity, a forward-thinking feature that would be seen in future SMOK products.

    2015 was a tremendous year for Smoktech. While the company always did well with the mainstream market, this was the first year that the company released products designed to satisfy hardcore vapers. The TFV4 redefined vapor expectations for a sub-ohm tank. It was the first tank that allowed the same kind of vapor that, until then, could only be achieved on a mechanical mod with an atomizer running super-low builds. It was a groundbreaking product that changed the perception and expectations of sub-ohm tanks. On the mod side, its X Cube series combined high-powered variable-wattage vaping with novel Bluetooth functionality. 2015 was a banner year for SMOK in the eyes of enthusiast vapers.

    The company’s success has continued in 2016. It entered the rebuildable space with the TF-RTA. On the box mod side, the H-Priv offers vapers power and versatility at an affordable price. The company’s new Alien starter kit has been one of this year’s most popular devices. Naturally, SMOK’s flagship product of the year is the TFV8, the followup to the TFV4. Once again, SMOK has upped the ante on vapor performance in a sub-ohm tank.

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