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FDA is getting ready to go after non-compliant manufacturers

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    With registration and product listings due soon from e-liquid and other vape manufacturers, the FDA is making plans to inspect facilities — and to enforce their rules.

    Any business that makes, packages, repackages, or labels vaping products is considered a manufacturer, and all are required to register all facilities with the federal agency. After the third delay announced last week, registration and product listings are now due on Oct. 12.

    A vape shop is also considered a manufacturing facility if employees modify products, refill closed system products, or building coils. Assembling devices that are intended to be used together, repairing broken products, and showing customers how products work do not qualify as manufacturing.

    Vape shops and retailers that don’t manufacture or modify products are not required to register or provide product listings. Neither are foreign manufacturers — for now anyway.

    But vape shops that make e-liquid on site, and all manufacturers of e-liquid and other vape products, will be subject to FDA enforcement of the rules after the deadline. Facilities that aren’t registered, or make products not listed with the FDA, or make products they can’t prove were in production before Aug. 8, 2016, are subject to penalties for selling “misbranded” or “adulterated” products.

    A finding of intentional violation of the rule against adulterated products can result in fines up to $250,000 per violation. Adulterated products would also be seized, and manufacturers could also be subject to state and local penalties too.

    No one knows what the FDA intends to do. The agency may not enforce the rules aggressively right away — or even at all. The new leadership seems to have some sympathy for the vaping industry.

    On the other hand, the FDA is still engaged in public relations campaigns to demonize vaping, and doesn’t seem particularly thrilled with the prospect of thousands of flavored e-liquid products being available. With more than two million product listings in its system already, if the agency wants to enforce, it will have to choose a sample of shops and enforce selectively, making examples of some offenders.

    Whatever enforcement strategy the FDA is planning, it is planning something. The deeming regulations are still around, and vape businesses are expected to comply with them.

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      Vandy Vape Pyro RDTA Preview | Where there is smoke, there is fire!

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        Averagely sized and understated, the Pyro 24mm RDTA from Vandy Vape is the newest contribution to a growing line of successful products.

        Its robust stainless steel and ULTEM glass construction offers an adequate 4 mL e-liquid storage capacity and includes a thicker ULTEM drip tip for a more comfortable vaping experience. Vandy Vape has also thrown in a 510-drip tip adapter for vapers for whom “bigger is not always better”. This, along with an extended 510-pin, should make it adaptable to most popular vaping styles.

        For this design, Vandy Vape has opted for a large, postless build deck, with wide wicking holes and large ejuice inlets. Suited to both single or dual coils, this spacious platform is perfectly sized to accommodate the larger, more complex coils that are so popular with cloud chasers. But don’t worry if cloud chasing is not really your thing, the sheer simplicity of this deck allows for endless possibilities that all DIY devotees can appreciate.

        Of all the features listed, it is the mixed airflow intake system that truly stands out above the rest. Incorporating angled airflow inlets, air is channelled in two different directions; hitting the coils from below the deck as well as along the sides. This combination of direct and indirect airflow works together to provide a smooth, vapor-centric output that is dense and flavorful.

        All things considered, the Pyro RDTA appears to be a versatile, high-performance platform that meets, and even surpasses many high-quality atomizers in this grouping. And with Vandy Vape’s current track record of achievements, we are very excited to see how this model fairs in the field.

        How do you rate this design? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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