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Best Vape Starter Kits 2018

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    Vape starter kits explained


    Vape starter kits 101

    Beginner vapers and smokers start here:

    So, you want to try vaping because you heard it was a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. But one problem: all the information online is so confusing and you don’t know where to begin! Right? Well, that is why we created this page for YOU.

    Our goal is to take your hand and walk you through this process and show you that it isn’t as complicated as it may appear. We are going to break it down in a way that is not overly complex, using as little jargon as possible. We are also going to explain what some of these key terms mean in plain English.

    Oh you thought quitting smoking was gonna be easy!? It’s still going to take a lot of determination and willpower. Vaping will make this process easier and hopefully replace cigarettes for you eventually.

    There is definitely some learning involved with vaping. Think about it this way, when you get a new job, a new car, or even a new kitchen appliance, there is always a learning curve. Don’t let that discourage you from trying one of the greatest inventions ever made. Vaping has already helped tons of people quit smoking, and you can be one of them!

    What is a vape starter kit?

    Vaping can be very confusing if you are just starting out. There are too many products on the market, and it is hard to know which one you prefer, especially if you are new to vaping. A “vape mod starter kit”, also referred to as a vapor starter kit, or just plain vape starter kit, is exactly what it sounds like. Good starter kits will include everything you need to start vaping right away.
    The main components of any vape kit are the battery and atomizer. An atomizer is the part of an e-cig which contains a coil that heats up the e-liquid, thus turning it into vapor. The battery is what provides power to the atomizer and coil.

    Let’s break down the various types of vaping starter kits.



    Some of the earliest designs of e-cigarettes were made to resemble a cigarette, hence the name cig-a-like. Although the technology has progressed, many smokers still enjoy these products because they simulate the physical process of smoking.

    These actually feel like you are holding and pulling from a cigarette, except that there is no smoke. These vapor starter kits will include either a disposable cig-a-like, or a rechargeable battery which attaches to e-liquid cartridges.

    Vape pen and eGo starter kits


    This was the natural evolution of the vape starter kit. The battery is a bit thicker and there is usually some kind of tank that you refill, versus buying prefilled cartridges. The advantages to eGo pen vape kits over cig-a-likes are better battery life, increased vapor production and in some cases, better flavor. Many people start with eGo’s or eventually upgrade to it from their cig-a-likes. These beginner vape kits are relatively inexpensive.


    Ok, so you probably want to know what these big boxes are that people are puffing on. Those are called box mods, sometimes referred to as vape mods, and although they look nothing like eGo pens, they both create vapor. However, box mods are capable of putting out a lot more power. A vape mod starter kit will usually come with some type of tank.

    Although it looks and feels nothing like a cigarette, the boxy feel might be reminiscent of holding a pack of smokes. A regulated box mod means that the mod will regulate the power based on your preference using a computer chip.
    Note: There are unregulated box mods which don’t have this chip, however, these are highly unrecommended for beginners, therefore you will probably never see them included in a starter kit geared towards smokers.

    Think of these box mods as the power source, while your tank is what actually holds and vaporizes the e-liquid. The tank has a threaded pin that screws on to the mod. Most box mods will use what is called a standard 510 connection.

    Vape tanks


    There are many different types of vape tanks but fortunately they can all be broken down into two main categories: mouth-to-lung and direct-lung. This refers to the type of draw you can take off them.

    A mouth-to-lung tank resembles the type of pull that you would get off a cig-a-like or an actual cigarette. A mouth-to-lung, or MTL draw typically involves two steps: taking a pull, and inhaling, just like you would with a traditional “analog” cigarette.

    A direct-lung inhale is when you inhale directly into your lungs in one motion. Direct-lung tanks usually have bigger air holes known as air flow, which creates that looser draw.

    Many tanks have adjustable airflow, however it is hard to make a tank that satisfies both the MTL and DL vapers. For this reason, most of the tanks are marketed to either one or the other. Which type of inhale technique do you prefer?


    AIO refers to a vape starter kit that comes with everything you need built in. It can be said that many cig-a-likes are AIO’s, especially the disposable ones. The main feature of an AIO device that makes it unique is that you can’t separate the battery from the tank.

    These are good for people who want a vape mod starter kit but don’t really know where to begin. There are literally endless possibilities with all of the different tanks and mods that exist. AIO starter kits are for people who like to say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”


    A pod mod is an evolved version of the cig-a-like, crossed with a box mod. Although it looks nothing like a cigarette, it shares similar features such as pre-filled pods and a tighter, mouth-to-lung draw. These are geared towards smokers who feel that vaping is too complicated for them, or they just don’t have time to learn right now.

    Pod mods make things a little bit simpler for the novice. Many advanced vapers despise these devices because they don’t like the idea of a limited juice selection and proprietary components. The irony is that these products are not even made for them!

    Sometimes people who have been vaping for a while forget what it was like when they started. It is almost like when a celebrity forgets about where they came from. We assume that everybody wants to be a rockstar and blow clouds bigger than Wiz Khalifa and Willie Nelson combined, but some people just wanna quit their smoking habit.

    Mechanical mods (not for beginners)


    Mechanical mods, often referred to as mech mods, or simply mechs, are not for beginners! Unlike the previous types of mods listed above, these do not have any type of microchips or wires inside. They are literally a mechanical tube which pulls power from a battery and sends it to your atomizer. Think of it like a flashlight, except instead of powering a lightbulb it has an atomizer with coils on top.

    At one point these were the most powerful mods that you could get. Now there are regulated box mods that can do even more than mechanical mods but there is something special about mech mods. I often use the analogy of a vinyl record. Even though the technology is outdated, there is nothing quite like the fat sound of a classic turntable.

    If you are just starting out, we would NOT recommend one of these AT ALL. They can be very dangerous if you are not well-versed in Ohm’s Law. At this point, mech mods are mainly for collectors and people who vape “competitively.” Although most mechanical mods were traditional tube-shaped, many of them can also be shaped like box mods too.

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