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Best E-Nails for Dabs 2018

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    E-nail rigs, also called e-rigs, are quickly becoming the preferred daily driver for dabbing within the concentrate community. Until their arrival in the market, typical dab rigs required a torch to heat up the nail before it makes contact with the concentrates. Aside from obvious safety concerns, using a traditional dab rig required a certain level of expertise in order to achieve the perfect dab.

    Too much heat can actually combust your concentrates, whereas not enough heat won’t evenly vaporize everything, leaving you with a messy nail to clean. Electric dab nails solve this issue and provide some welcome relief from the scorching hits associated with butane torches. They may also reduce harm to the lungs.

    A typical desktop e-nail setup utilizes temperature-sensing technology paired with a heating element that wraps around the bottom of the nail. Once you dial in your preferred setting, it maintains that exact temperature until you turn the unit off, so it’s always ready for a dab whenever you are. With e-rigs, anybody can enjoy a flavorful and effective vape right off the bat, without much experience or a big learning curve.

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