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Aspire Breeze 2 Preview | First Impressions

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    I’ve quickly grown fond of this device. But it threw me for a loop when I first opened it. I wasn’t sure how to get the pod out. I pulled at the pod and mouthpiece, but nothing moved. I soon realized that the two side buttons are for ejecting the pod. After pressing in those side buttons, the pod pops out with an audible click. Taking off the mouthpiece is less intuitive though. That comes off by digging your nail into the airflow vents on the side of the pod and pulling up.

    The coils for the Breeze 2 appear to be the same as before, but the chimney structure is different and it has adjustable airflow. The airflow controller is a separate piece (not shown in the schematic) that sits right on top of the coil head. Basically, there is no chimney. You’re practically vaping directly from the coil. Since the airflow has a very short distance to travel now, the vape is more direct and immediate.

    The refill isn’t as open as the original, but the Breeze 2 has a nice anchored refill plug and a 5 mm fill-port that can accommodate most droppers. I’ve been using mostly 50/50 high nic, but I’ve also used high PG and high VG too. It’s been handling whatever liquid I throw at it. And one battery charge lasted me through about 7 mL. I’ve used close to 20 mL so far and it’s been the same performance — satisfying with each hit.

    Although I’ve been using it a lot this last week, it’s still early. Things can always go awry. I’ll give it at least another week before the full review. As for now, it’s a thumbs-up.

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