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An easy guide for learning the basics of vape wires

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    Really, the bottom line is that your choice in vaping wire is an important variable in finding your vaping nirvana. In fact, it’s one of the components that has a great impact on your vaping experience. The choice is yours, ultimately. Obviously though, TC wires (except for SS) must ONLY be used with mods that have TC.

    Varying the wire type and gauge allows us precise control over ramp time, current, wattage and ultimately the pleasure we derive from vaping. Besides all of that, I enjoy the pursuit of the perfect vape by varying the number of wraps, coil diameter, and wire type. Once I find something that works with a particular atomizer, I jot down the specifics and save the specs for future reference.

    I have noted above that some of these wire types seem difficult to find at B&M stores, but all are readily available online. Lightning Vapes is a reliable Ebay seller, and kanthal can be purchased from TEMCo directly, or on Ebay.

    Finally, some valuable information can also be found at Steam Engine allows you to enter various values (wire type, gauge, number of wraps, diameter, etc.) to predict coil performance. It’s like an Ohm’s Law calculator on steroids, for those of you craving more detail.

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