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4 of the World’s Most Popular Vape Forums

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    Though the site is definitely UK-focused, it is more than welcoming to vapers from any shores, and all skill levels. The regulars aren’t nearly as acerbic as Underground’s notables, but the British sense of humor comes across more often than not, so be prepared for a little bite with your responses.

    Perhaps this is because the POTV community is HIGHLY intelligent. And no, I don’t just mean because they type with British accents. This is an informed, well-spoken, pull-no-punches collection of vape enthusiasts who answer threads with dynamic fervor. It is both comforting (for veterans) and intimidating (for newcomers), but results in a consistently high level of discussion across the site.

    Also, the UK-heavy vendors section is a nice resource for vapers who may be tired of seeing the same retailers on their own shores, opening up a new world of international vape mail opportunities.

    ECF might have sheer depth, and Vaping Underground might be the most loosely monitored community. But for a well-balanced collection of topics, reviews and opinions, POTV is worthy of investigation. That said, of these “big three,” POTV is also the most limited.

    Of the standard forums we reviewed, this one had the most open/unresolved threads – even on some fairly recent topics. It was as if the community just abandoned the topic and moved along. Which is fine for regulars, but frustrating for people who arrived via Google, only to be left with a dead end.

    I suppose all forums face this problem, as it is the nature of the medium. But on ECF and Vaping Underground, they weren’t nearly as prevalent, even though they are larger overall communities.

    More notable is how POTV’s intelligent community might come across as a little “too smart” from time to time. That’s not a negative reflection of the members, but rather the sign of a forum that might be better suited for experienced vapers — though they are very welcoming. There’s a well-crafted newcomers section on the forum homepage, but most of the dialogues I followed quickly became exchanges that would overwhelm someone just entering the vaping world.

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