PRO DSE901 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

There is no better combination of value and style than the PRO DSE901 dry vaporizer starter kits. These dry vaporizer packages contain everything you need to enjoy your vapor smoking experience — and do it in style. The PRO DSE901 features a sleek design and comes in five colors.

A PRO DSE901 starter kit will provide you with a battery, an atomizer, prefilled filters, a USB charger, a carrying case and a 10ml bottle refill liquid — everything you need to get started. Larger kits are recommend for more frequent smokers or smokers looking for the convenience of having additional supplies (we load on the extras and that means you get more bang for your buck). But even the mini starter kit is a great value you can get so much more by getting a kit with all the extras you would end up buying later.

From the basic DSE901 dry vaporizer kit, which comes with the necessary supplies to the larger kits with additional ecig batteries, ecig atomizers and prefilled filters , you will be getting the best deal

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