Power Up Your Batteries with Green Smoke Chargers

Green Smoke Ecigs run on batteries, so it is important to always carry Green Smoke chargers in your herb vape pen kit. A battery that is low in power can result in lackluster vapor and a slightly burnt taste – things you don’t want from your ecig. To enjoy the rich flavor and vapor of Green Smoke, make sure that your battery is fully charged.

Greensmoke offers a wide variety of chargers. The most essential piece that any vaper should have is the USB charger. This connects your battery to a variety of power sources such as a USB port, a wall outlet, and a car cigarette lighter. For best value, get the USB Charger Super Pack which includes 3 USB chargers for $10 less.

If you do not have access to a computer, you can charge your battery through any electrical outlet by using a Green Smoke wall adapter. Simply screw in your herb vape pen battery to the USB charger, connect it to the adapter, and plug into any standard wall outlet. In addition to charging all of your herb vape penarette batteries, this adapter will also charge most of your USB powered devices like mobile phones and MP3 players. For one great price, you can purchase the Green Smoke Home Charger Kit which includes a USB charger and a wall adapter.

herb vape penarette USB
Charging your battery on the road is easy with the Green Smoke car adapter. Attach your herb vape penarette to the USB charger, connect it to the adapter, and plug into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

Green Smoke has also created special high-powered chargers for USB cigarettes. If you want to use your USB cigarette away from your desk or in your car, you can connect it to the white Green Smoke wall adapter or car adapter and puff away.

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