Every day, thousands of smokers make the decision to switch from tobacco to dry herb vaporizers. There are a number of reasons that a regular smoker may make this switch, including everything from increased prices and taxes on regular cigarettes to how heavily tobacco is regulated in the United States. For others, health and the prevention of various diseases associated with smoking cigarettes takes a top spot on the list of reasons to quit.

For many, this choice is based on a desire to save money, particularly when a couple packs per day can cost as much as $350 a month in some parts of the country. When you look at those numbers and consider that an amount like that could cover a monthly car payment, it makes sense that cost is among the top reasons longtime smokers choose to cross over to e cigarettes. Because there are so many different options out there when it comes to these products, figuring out exactly how much they cost can seem like somewhat of a daunting task. Here, we’ve broken down a few common scenarios and smoking types so that it’s easier to get an idea of how much using an electronic cigarette really costs.

Casual Smoker – Less than a pack per day (C2 Kit – $29.95)
Sandra is a customer service professional at a call center and works the standard 9 to 5 shift, five days a week. Before her husband surprised her with her first e cig, Sandra was smoking about four or five cigarettes during the day and maybe a few more at home after dinner. Most of her short breaks at work were spent outside trying to get a quick nicotine fix before she had to rush back to her desk and get back on the phones.

Now, though, Sandra enjoys a puff or two from her Cirrus 2 anytime she wants – between calls, on her lunch break or whenever a craving strikes. She can spend her scheduled break time doing what she wants instead of hurrying to beat the clock or worrying about how the weather might affect her quick cigarette outside. Perhaps best of all, Sandra saves between $45 and $50 every month buying White Cloud cartridges instead of tobacco cigarettes.

The C2 Kit is ideal for a smokers with a smoking style like Sandra’s. Because it comes with two batteries, you’re still free to vape when you like while your backup battery charges on your laptop or desktop computer. Each battery provides about 280 puffs and charges to full power in only 90 minutes. Choose from any of White Cloud’s 18 delicious flavors and get five cartridges, in your choice of nicotine strength, included in the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit. Additional 5-packs of cartridges are always only $11.95 or $2.95 for singles.

Regular Smoker – Between 1 and 1 ½ packs per day (C3 Kit – $79.95)
As a college professor who faces an hour-long commute to work every day, Alan is the type of smoker that typically goes through half a pack on the way to the university and about as much, if not more, on the way home in the afternoon. When he switched to e cigarettes, he knew that he needed a kit that included enough battery power to get him through his daily commute and the workday; the Cirrus 3 Starter Kit offered the perfect solution. With three batteries and a Squid charger that charges all of them at once (all within 60 minutes), Alan’s sporadic smoke breaks were always covered. Each battery powers 200 puffs before it needs to be charged and the AC adapter makes it easy to hook it up nearly anywhere, whether it be the wall outlet in his office or his laptop in the classroom.

At a pack per day, Alan was spending about $180 every month. After the initial cost of his C3 Kit, he now pays less than $40 per month for cartridges, all without sacrificing any of the enjoyment of smoking.

Heavy Smoker – More than 30 cigarettes per day (C3X Kit – $119.95)
Paul is a roofing contractor in southern Texas and works long hours outside, usually smoking while he does so. Though his work environment always allowed for smoking freely, Paul found that both stopping to light up and finding a trashcan for all of his cigarette butts on the job site was detracting from his performance and timeframe. When he heard about dry herb vaporizers, he was definitely intrigued but doubted the ability of an e cig to satisfy his highly demanding cravings. Considering the fact that he usually went through more than 30 or 40 cigarettes every day, his concerns were well founded.

Fortunately, White Cloud created the C3X Starter Kit for people like Paul and other smokers with similar styles. The C3X includes three batteries, each of which is good for 600 full-bodied puffs of nicotine vapor. This is the approximate equivalent of smoking four packs of cigarettes on a single charge, perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time away from a charger. Paul (and even some of the other guys on his crew) now pay approximately $115 per month for replacement cartridges as compared to close to $600 for cigarettes.

Flings: How much does a disposable electronic cigarette cost?
White Cloud Flings and Mini Flings are disposable dry herb vaporizers perfect for the e cig user who’d rather not hassle with charging batteries or replacing cartridges. For people who crave that ultra-light cigarette feeling in a compact e cig, the Fling Mini is the answer you’ve been looking for. Providing about as many puffs as a full pack of cigarettes, it’s the most affordable way to enjoy a premium, realistic e cig experience without remembering to charge a battery. Slightly longer and stocked with even more fluid for more puffs, the Fling costs only $5.95. Available in all of the same flavors as the cartridges, each Fling is equivalent to about 40 regular cigarettes, but costs only about as much as a single pack (depending on individual state prices and taxes).

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