Electronic Cigarettes Market Stronger Than Ever

When vaporizers first made it to the UK back in 2008, many analysts believed it was just a fad that would pass quickly. While that has certainly not proven to be the case, no one could have imagined just how quickly and dynamically the industry here would grow. We can now say it’s official: When it comes to electronic cigarettes, UK consumers are enthusiastically behind them as a real viable tobacco alternative .Mysterious man vaping an electronic cigarette in London
An Alternative Product, Nothing More
For proper perspective, it is important to note that electronic cigarettes are sold as an alternative to tobacco, nothing more and nothing less. They are not sold as smoking cessation devices; they are not marketed to children or non-smokers; they are not intended to treat or cure any illness. The designation as a tobacco alternative is important in light of the many criticisms surrounding electronic cigarettes. Yet despite those criticisms, Action on Smoking and Health now estimates there are approximately 1.3 million vapers (those who use e-cigs) in the UK. That number is staggering. If the estimates of 10 million British smokers are accurate, and if vapers are considered statistically to still be smokers, then the numbers imply more than 10% of those individuals have reduced their tobacco use through e-cigarettes. If we say that reduction is just one tobacco cigarette per day, that’s a reduction of 1.3 million cigarettes every 24 hours. That works out to more than 474 million cigarettes every year. How can that not be good? Clearly it is fantastic!
A Cleaner Choice
The same characteristics that make e-cigarette vapor free of virtually all the toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke are the same characteristics that make vaping a ‘cleaner choice’. To understand the concept of a cleaner experience, one need only trust his nose. When tobacco burns, it releases chemicals in the form of heavy particulates capable of penetrating hair, clothing, furniture, curtains, etc. That’s why tobacco smoking leaves that used ashtray smell behind. The atomization of e-cigarette liquid does no such thing. You could walk into a room previously occupied by 10 vapers, just 30 minutes after they vacated, and you wouldn’t see or smell anything that would indicate electronic cigarette use. Try that with just one tobacco smoker. The comparison is so stark it cannot be ignored. If you would like to see clinical data verifying the fact that vaping is a cleaner choice, you might check out some of the links provided by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA). Their website is a virtual gold mine of information.
Less Expensive Alternative
When it comes to the cost of tobacco versus electronic cigarettes, UK consumers have made it clear they prefer the electronic choice. It’s not surprising when you consider you can save between 30% and 70% depending on your tobacco brand and the e-cigarette you choose. Based on a 20-a-day habit, that’s a significant amount of money to be saved. If you are still smoking tobacco, you might want to use the cost calculator on our main page to see how much money you could save. As a founding member of ECITA, E cig is proud to continue offering UK vapers some of the best e-cigarette products on the market. We strive every day to ensure the best quality, a fair pricing structure, and customer service designed to meet your every need. We hope you’ll try our products as a tobacco alternative if you’re still smoking.

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