Electronic Cigarettes Best Tobacco Alternative Around

For centuries, humankind has been smoking tobacco. In fact, some researchers suggest it was being cultivated as far back as 3,000 to 4,000 years ago; it wasn’t until the early 17th century it became an international product thanks to the exploration of the Americas. Yet in all those years, no one has come up with a suitable alternative tobacco. That is, until now. Electronic cigarettes are the best tobacco alternative because they provide all of the pleasure of tobacco without the nasty results. E-cigarettes:
use a nicotine liquid instead of tobacco
depend on atomization rather than combustion
produce vaporizer for weed rather than smoke
leave behind no burning embers or smoldering ashes.
Couple in a café portable vaporizers their electronic cigarettes from E cig
Patches, Gums, Inhalers
Indeed, there have been other replacement products introduced over the years including nicotine patches, gums, and inhalers. However, as noted by Boston University’s Dr. Michael Siegel, these products have never done a very good job as a total replacement for tobacco. Those who use them tend to return to tobacco smoking within a year. So what is the problem? All of these other products address only the nicotine issue. However, smoking is about much more than the nicotine fix. It is about the users individual experience, the habitual nature of smoking, and the social satisfaction. Electronic cigarettes are better because they easily answer all of those things.
The Components of Smoking
Since we have made the statement that smoking is about more than just nicotine intake, let’s take a few minutes and unpack that. Here are some of the other components involved in the smoking habit:
Nicotine Regulation – Smokers self-regulate their nicotine by having a cigarette whenever they start feeling the cravings. Products like the nicotine patch interrupt that self-regulation cycle by providing a constant stream of nicotine to the body. It is not what the smoker is naturally used to. However, e-cigarettes do allow for self-regulation.
Empty Hands – Long-time smokers talk a lot about their empty hands when they try one of the other alternative products. That’s because none of those products gives the smoker something to hold in his hands; a practice he finds comforting. The electronic cigarette does.
Hand-to-Mouth – One of the most powerful components of the smoking habit is not the nicotine, it is the hand-to-mouth experience. It is no different from compulsively biting your fingernails. E-cigarettes provide that hand-to-mouth experience where other replacement products do not.
What makes electronic cigarettes the best tobacco alternative is that they really are an alternative rather than a replacement. There is a big difference between the two. If you need evidence of their popularity, you might check out websites like the E-Cigarette Forum. You’ll find out what real vapers are saying about the tobacco alternative they have come to love. Once you are ready to trade in your tobacco for an electronic cigarette, we recommend you try the E cig brand. We are one of the UK’s fastest-growing brands because we deliver the finest quality. As members of ECITA, we adhere to their high standards of quality and purity. We believe you will find E cig offers a more than a satisfactory experience at a very good price.

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