Electronic Cigarette Volcano Egics Review

Volcano or pax vaporizer continues to move up the ladder of top e-cig brands as more smokers discover its great-tasting flavors and wide-ranging product selection.

Unlike many electronic cig companies that offer only one or two ecig styles, Volcano Ecigs covers the entire spectrum of e-cig users. Whether you’re a transitioning smoker or a veteran vaper, you’ll be able to find the right Volcano e-cigarette for you.

Volcano vaporizer currently offers four types of e-cigarette: the Volcano (mini), the Magma (mid-sized), the Inferno (high-end), and the Lavatube (variable voltage). Although the Volcano mini cig comes with pre-filled cartomizers, it can also be used with refillable tanks which make e-smoking a lot cheaper. A bottle of Volcano vape weed, which costs around $13, is equal to a carton of cigarettes.

Volcano’s proprietary V-Pack and M-Pack which look like your typical flip-top serve as storage and portable charging station for the Volcano and Magma ecigs.

They offer a dizzying array of flavors – currently at 34 with more on the pipeline. Your favorite fruit, soda, and candy flavors have been genuinely reproduced to go with classic tobacco and menthol varieties.

Volcano Ecigs Pros and Cons

US-made ingredients
34 flavors to choose from
Multiple colors, sizes, and vapor delivery options
Mobile charging methods for vaping on the go
Interchangeable accessories
Video chat support
Comprehensive instructional video vault
Secure website with SSL encryption
Free shipping on orders over $50
Free FedEx 2-day shipping on orders over $100

Each cartridge is equal to only half a pack of smokes
Poor customer service
Limited warranty
No money back guarantee
Full Volcano Ecigs Review
Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes that contain more than 4,000 toxic chemicals, they deliver nicotine in a safer manner – using only the additive Propylene Glycol or Glycerin which is a non-toxic, oil based humectant typically found in FDA-approved food coloring and cake mixes.

Volcano uses only US-made e-liquids formulated from the highest quality ingredients with the highest production standards. Each flavor is batch tested by an independent third-party toxicology test provider to guard against impurities. All of the ingredients are disclosed on the bottle for your reference.

The Volcano

The Volcano electronic cigarette is one of the smallest e-cigs currently on the market. When fully assembled, the Volcano is the exact same size as a traditional cigarette, making it a great fit for anyone who wants their vaping to fully mimic real smoking. The Volcano’s 2-piece design takes the hassle out of putting together small parts. Each cartomizer will give you roughly a half a pack worth of puffs.

Because of its small size, the Volcano produces the least amount of power among all Volcano ecigs. If you are a regular to heavy smoker, you might want to try the bigger Magma and Inferno models. The Volcano mini cig comes with a V-Pack which serves as a smart, portable charging case that keeps your ecig charged on the go and has slots built for your cartomizers and batteries.

The Magma

The Magma electronic cigarette provides the perfect blend of power and portability yet remains quite small in size compared to similar models. When fully assembled, the Magma is nearly the exact same size as a 100′s cigarette. The tank setup and M-Pack make the Magma ecig ideal for smokers who are on the go. The tanks are easily refillable and reusable and can carry enough liquid equivalent to about 10 cigarettes.

The Inferno

The Inferno is the hottest selling product in the Volcano E-cigs line. Designed for pack-a-day smokers, the Inferno battery provides enough power to last a day and is built with a USB port so you can vape while charging. It also has a 5-click on/off safety feature which allows you to turn the e-cigarette off when not in use.

The Inferno delivers nicotine through a TubeTank vapor system which is composed of a 4ml tube tank, a 1.5ohm resistance cartomizer, a silicone seal, and a clear plastic drip tip.

The Lavatube

The Lavatube is a game-changer that’s now sitting at the top of the variable volt vaping category. Packed with features that vaping connoisseurs will love, the Lavatube has a sleek aluminum or copper body, LCD screen that displays current voltage setting, vented removable end cap with spring for battery tension, and buttons for power, activation, and voltage adjustment.

The Lavatube is powered by one rechargeable AW IMR High Drain18650 LiMN battery and delivers nicotine through a TubeTank vapor system. The Volcano TubeTank for the Lavatube comes with a 7ml tube, 3ohm resistance cartomizer, silicone seal, and clear plastic drip tip.

The Lavatube battery has different power settings ranging from 3V to 6V with 2.5 amps of current. If you want a large amount of vapor, you can set the ecig to 6V. If you want a more discrete puff of vapor, set the battery to 3V. The traditional e-cigarette experience can be reproduced by a 3 or 4 setting.

The Lavatube was voted “Best New Mod by Guide to Vaping in 2011.

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