Discount Electronic Cigarettes, Five Things to Consider

As an educated consumer, you may well know it is possible to buy discount portable vaporizers at comparably low prices. However, is doing so always a good idea? It may be at times but, more often than not, it is actually a bad idea. Remember the old adage that says ‘you get what you pay for’. For purposes of clarity, consider who might be offering discount e-cigarettes:
generic distributors with no name recognition
new or struggling brands looking to increase sales
well-established brands reducing inventory or promoting new products.
Whom you purchase your electronic cigarette products from is always very important. When it comes to discounted pricing however, it is even more so. Here are five things you really need to consider before purchasing reduced price e-cigarettes:

1. Liquid Quality

One of the few reasonable criticisms of the vaping industry is that e-liquid is not uniform in either its ingredients or nicotine levels. When you are buying discount portable vaporizers, this might be a bigger problem. That’s why we recommend you always purchase from a company that is an active member of a reputable trade organization.

2. Materials and Craftsmanship

The last thing you need is to purchase an e-cigarette that fails to work out of the box or does not last very long before breaking. That may be the case when you purchase a generic product or something from a struggling brand. Unfortunately, one of the ways to cut costs enough to offer discounted pricing is to settle for lower quality materials and craftsmanship.

3. Introductory Pricing

There was recently a story in the news regarding an American company offering starter kits for USD $4.95 (the cost of shipping). It turns out the sale price was an introductory offer only, based on a 14-day trial. On the 15thday, the company charged customer credit cards more than $100 for the starter kits. When you are purchasing discount portable vaporizers, be very careful that the price is not based on an introductory or trial basis. Otherwise, you could be taken by unscrupulous operators.

4. Brand Strength

We have long maintained that e-cigarette companies with brand name recognition have earned that recognition by providing customers good quality products at fair prices. Therefore, if an established company offers discounted pricing to reduce inventory or promote new products, you are still likely to be happy with your purchase.

5. Customer Opinion

There is nothing like the opinions of real electronic cigarette users when it comes to figuring out whether a discounted product is worth the trouble. And one of the best places to find those opinions is the E-Cigarette Forum. They offer a specific board dedicated to discussions of particular models and brands. We hope these five tips have helped you understand some of the details about discount portable vaporizers.

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