Discount Electronic Cigarettes, Five Things to Consider

As an educated consumer, you may well know it is possible to buy discount portable vaporizers at comparably low prices. However, is doing so always a good idea? It may be at times but, more often than not, it is actually a bad idea. Remember the old adage that says ‘you get what you pay for’. For purposes of clarity, consider who might be offering discount e-cigarettes:
generic distributors with no name recognition
new or struggling brands looking to increase sales
well-established brands reducing inventory or promoting new products.
Whom you purchase your electronic cigarette products from is always very important. When it comes to discounted pricing however, it is even more so. Here are five things you really need to consider before purchasing reduced price e-cigarettes:

1. Liquid Quality

One of the few reasonable criticisms of the vaping industry is that e-liquid is not uniform in either its ingredients or nicotine levels. When you are buying discount portable vaporizers, this might be a bigger problem. That’s why we recommend you always purchase from a company that is an active member of a reputable trade organization.

2. Materials and Craftsmanship

The last thing you need is to purchase an e-cigarette that fails to work out of the box or does not last very long before breaking. That may be the case when you purchase a generic product or something from a struggling brand. Unfortunately, one of the ways to cut costs enough to offer discounted pricing is to settle for lower quality materials and craftsmanship.

3. Introductory Pricing

There was recently a story in the news regarding an American company offering starter kits for USD $4.95 (the cost of shipping). It turns out the sale price was an introductory offer only, based on a 14-day trial. On the 15thday, the company charged customer credit cards more than $100 for the starter kits. When you are purchasing discount portable vaporizers, be very careful that the price is not based on an introductory or trial basis. Otherwise, you could be taken by unscrupulous operators.

4. Brand Strength

We have long maintained that e-cigarette companies with brand name recognition have earned that recognition by providing customers good quality products at fair prices. Therefore, if an established company offers discounted pricing to reduce inventory or promote new products, you are still likely to be happy with your purchase.

5. Customer Opinion

There is nothing like the opinions of real electronic cigarette users when it comes to figuring out whether a discounted product is worth the trouble. And one of the best places to find those opinions is the E-Cigarette Forum. They offer a specific board dedicated to discussions of particular models and brands. We hope these five tips have helped you understand some of the details about discount portable vaporizers.

PRO DSE901 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

There is no better combination of value and style than the PRO DSE901 dry vaporizer starter kits. These dry vaporizer packages contain everything you need to enjoy your vapor smoking experience — and do it in style. The PRO DSE901 features a sleek design and comes in five colors.

A PRO DSE901 starter kit will provide you with a battery, an atomizer, prefilled filters, a USB charger, a carrying case and a 10ml bottle refill liquid — everything you need to get started. Larger kits are recommend for more frequent smokers or smokers looking for the convenience of having additional supplies (we load on the extras and that means you get more bang for your buck). But even the mini starter kit is a great value you can get so much more by getting a kit with all the extras you would end up buying later.

From the basic DSE901 dry vaporizer kit, which comes with the necessary supplies to the larger kits with additional ecig batteries, ecig atomizers and prefilled filters , you will be getting the best deal


Every day, thousands of smokers make the decision to switch from tobacco to dry herb vaporizers. There are a number of reasons that a regular smoker may make this switch, including everything from increased prices and taxes on regular cigarettes to how heavily tobacco is regulated in the United States. For others, health and the prevention of various diseases associated with smoking cigarettes takes a top spot on the list of reasons to quit.

For many, this choice is based on a desire to save money, particularly when a couple packs per day can cost as much as $350 a month in some parts of the country. When you look at those numbers and consider that an amount like that could cover a monthly car payment, it makes sense that cost is among the top reasons longtime smokers choose to cross over to e cigarettes. Because there are so many different options out there when it comes to these products, figuring out exactly how much they cost can seem like somewhat of a daunting task. Here, we’ve broken down a few common scenarios and smoking types so that it’s easier to get an idea of how much using an electronic cigarette really costs.

Casual Smoker – Less than a pack per day (C2 Kit – $29.95)
Sandra is a customer service professional at a call center and works the standard 9 to 5 shift, five days a week. Before her husband surprised her with her first e cig, Sandra was smoking about four or five cigarettes during the day and maybe a few more at home after dinner. Most of her short breaks at work were spent outside trying to get a quick nicotine fix before she had to rush back to her desk and get back on the phones.

Now, though, Sandra enjoys a puff or two from her Cirrus 2 anytime she wants – between calls, on her lunch break or whenever a craving strikes. She can spend her scheduled break time doing what she wants instead of hurrying to beat the clock or worrying about how the weather might affect her quick cigarette outside. Perhaps best of all, Sandra saves between $45 and $50 every month buying White Cloud cartridges instead of tobacco cigarettes.

The C2 Kit is ideal for a smokers with a smoking style like Sandra’s. Because it comes with two batteries, you’re still free to vape when you like while your backup battery charges on your laptop or desktop computer. Each battery provides about 280 puffs and charges to full power in only 90 minutes. Choose from any of White Cloud’s 18 delicious flavors and get five cartridges, in your choice of nicotine strength, included in the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit. Additional 5-packs of cartridges are always only $11.95 or $2.95 for singles.

Regular Smoker – Between 1 and 1 ½ packs per day (C3 Kit – $79.95)
As a college professor who faces an hour-long commute to work every day, Alan is the type of smoker that typically goes through half a pack on the way to the university and about as much, if not more, on the way home in the afternoon. When he switched to e cigarettes, he knew that he needed a kit that included enough battery power to get him through his daily commute and the workday; the Cirrus 3 Starter Kit offered the perfect solution. With three batteries and a Squid charger that charges all of them at once (all within 60 minutes), Alan’s sporadic smoke breaks were always covered. Each battery powers 200 puffs before it needs to be charged and the AC adapter makes it easy to hook it up nearly anywhere, whether it be the wall outlet in his office or his laptop in the classroom.

At a pack per day, Alan was spending about $180 every month. After the initial cost of his C3 Kit, he now pays less than $40 per month for cartridges, all without sacrificing any of the enjoyment of smoking.

Heavy Smoker – More than 30 cigarettes per day (C3X Kit – $119.95)
Paul is a roofing contractor in southern Texas and works long hours outside, usually smoking while he does so. Though his work environment always allowed for smoking freely, Paul found that both stopping to light up and finding a trashcan for all of his cigarette butts on the job site was detracting from his performance and timeframe. When he heard about dry herb vaporizers, he was definitely intrigued but doubted the ability of an e cig to satisfy his highly demanding cravings. Considering the fact that he usually went through more than 30 or 40 cigarettes every day, his concerns were well founded.

Fortunately, White Cloud created the C3X Starter Kit for people like Paul and other smokers with similar styles. The C3X includes three batteries, each of which is good for 600 full-bodied puffs of nicotine vapor. This is the approximate equivalent of smoking four packs of cigarettes on a single charge, perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time away from a charger. Paul (and even some of the other guys on his crew) now pay approximately $115 per month for replacement cartridges as compared to close to $600 for cigarettes.

Flings: How much does a disposable electronic cigarette cost?
White Cloud Flings and Mini Flings are disposable dry herb vaporizers perfect for the e cig user who’d rather not hassle with charging batteries or replacing cartridges. For people who crave that ultra-light cigarette feeling in a compact e cig, the Fling Mini is the answer you’ve been looking for. Providing about as many puffs as a full pack of cigarettes, it’s the most affordable way to enjoy a premium, realistic e cig experience without remembering to charge a battery. Slightly longer and stocked with even more fluid for more puffs, the Fling costs only $5.95. Available in all of the same flavors as the cartridges, each Fling is equivalent to about 40 regular cigarettes, but costs only about as much as a single pack (depending on individual state prices and taxes).

Electronic Cigarettes Best Tobacco Alternative Around

For centuries, humankind has been smoking tobacco. In fact, some researchers suggest it was being cultivated as far back as 3,000 to 4,000 years ago; it wasn’t until the early 17th century it became an international product thanks to the exploration of the Americas. Yet in all those years, no one has come up with a suitable alternative tobacco. That is, until now. Electronic cigarettes are the best tobacco alternative because they provide all of the pleasure of tobacco without the nasty results. E-cigarettes:
use a nicotine liquid instead of tobacco
depend on atomization rather than combustion
produce vaporizer for weed rather than smoke
leave behind no burning embers or smoldering ashes.
Couple in a café portable vaporizers their electronic cigarettes from E cig
Patches, Gums, Inhalers
Indeed, there have been other replacement products introduced over the years including nicotine patches, gums, and inhalers. However, as noted by Boston University’s Dr. Michael Siegel, these products have never done a very good job as a total replacement for tobacco. Those who use them tend to return to tobacco smoking within a year. So what is the problem? All of these other products address only the nicotine issue. However, smoking is about much more than the nicotine fix. It is about the users individual experience, the habitual nature of smoking, and the social satisfaction. Electronic cigarettes are better because they easily answer all of those things.
The Components of Smoking
Since we have made the statement that smoking is about more than just nicotine intake, let’s take a few minutes and unpack that. Here are some of the other components involved in the smoking habit:
Nicotine Regulation – Smokers self-regulate their nicotine by having a cigarette whenever they start feeling the cravings. Products like the nicotine patch interrupt that self-regulation cycle by providing a constant stream of nicotine to the body. It is not what the smoker is naturally used to. However, e-cigarettes do allow for self-regulation.
Empty Hands – Long-time smokers talk a lot about their empty hands when they try one of the other alternative products. That’s because none of those products gives the smoker something to hold in his hands; a practice he finds comforting. The electronic cigarette does.
Hand-to-Mouth – One of the most powerful components of the smoking habit is not the nicotine, it is the hand-to-mouth experience. It is no different from compulsively biting your fingernails. E-cigarettes provide that hand-to-mouth experience where other replacement products do not.
What makes electronic cigarettes the best tobacco alternative is that they really are an alternative rather than a replacement. There is a big difference between the two. If you need evidence of their popularity, you might check out websites like the E-Cigarette Forum. You’ll find out what real vapers are saying about the tobacco alternative they have come to love. Once you are ready to trade in your tobacco for an electronic cigarette, we recommend you try the E cig brand. We are one of the UK’s fastest-growing brands because we deliver the finest quality. As members of ECITA, we adhere to their high standards of quality and purity. We believe you will find E cig offers a more than a satisfactory experience at a very good price.

Facts – vaping vs smoking

No Smoking
Electronic cigarettes are designed to look just like regular cigarettes, but there’s one major difference: You don’t need a match or lighter to use them. Instead, they hold a battery, a vaporization chamber and a cartridge filled with liquid nicotine. Puff on the device as you would a regular cigarette, and the device heats the liquid and changes it to a nicotine-filled vapor. Inhale to deliver the nicotine to your lungs, and then exhale the vapor. It looks like you’re smoking a regular cigarette, but there’s no smell, because nothing is burning.

Safety Concerns
Many regulatory agencies and health experts aren’t sure the e-cigarette is safe. While there are hundreds of companies in the United States alone that are making and selling marijuana vaporizer pen, manufacturers often don’t make specific health or safety claims about their products. They do, however, tout the benefits of e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco.

Nicotine Levels
An electronic cigarette can contain as much nicotine as a regular cigarette — or more. The amount of nicotine an electronic cigarette delivers depends on the content of the liquid-nicotine cartridge installed in it. Customers can choose cartridges containing nicotine in a range of strengths. Some are comparable to the amount of nicotine in a regular tobacco cigarette; others are closer to that of a light or ultralight cigarette. There are also cartridges that contain liquid without nicotine, for users who want the sensory experience of smoking without its effect.

Makers and Sellers
Electronic cigarettes are being sold internationally, and can be easily purchased online. They were originally invented in China by a company called Ruyan, but are now produced by several companies in the United States, Europe and around the world. Because the FDA has seized shipments of electronic cigarettes and their components on the grounds that they are illegal drug-delivery devices, some companies, including the Tennessee-based Pure Enterprises, have begun making e-cigarette products in the United States instead of importing them. Many e-cig manufacturers sell the products online, along with the required cartridges, batteries and other accessories.

Not child-friendly
Electronic cigarette manufacturers are careful not to directly market their product to young people. However, nicotine cartridges for the e-cigarette come in a wide range of flavors likely to appeal to kids — think chocolate, caramel, strawberry and even bubble gum. And because e-cigarettes are sold online, it’s easier for kids to purchase them than it is for them to buy regular tobacco cigarettes. For example, U.S. law requires consumers to provide proof that they are at least 18 years of age to buy tobacco cigarettes, but this law does not apply to e-cig sellers.

Electronic Cigarette Volcano Egics Review

Volcano or pax vaporizer continues to move up the ladder of top e-cig brands as more smokers discover its great-tasting flavors and wide-ranging product selection.

Unlike many electronic cig companies that offer only one or two ecig styles, Volcano Ecigs covers the entire spectrum of e-cig users. Whether you’re a transitioning smoker or a veteran vaper, you’ll be able to find the right Volcano e-cigarette for you.

Volcano vaporizer currently offers four types of e-cigarette: the Volcano (mini), the Magma (mid-sized), the Inferno (high-end), and the Lavatube (variable voltage). Although the Volcano mini cig comes with pre-filled cartomizers, it can also be used with refillable tanks which make e-smoking a lot cheaper. A bottle of Volcano vape weed, which costs around $13, is equal to a carton of cigarettes.

Volcano’s proprietary V-Pack and M-Pack which look like your typical flip-top serve as storage and portable charging station for the Volcano and Magma ecigs.

They offer a dizzying array of flavors – currently at 34 with more on the pipeline. Your favorite fruit, soda, and candy flavors have been genuinely reproduced to go with classic tobacco and menthol varieties.

Volcano Ecigs Pros and Cons

US-made ingredients
34 flavors to choose from
Multiple colors, sizes, and vapor delivery options
Mobile charging methods for vaping on the go
Interchangeable accessories
Video chat support
Comprehensive instructional video vault
Secure website with SSL encryption
Free shipping on orders over $50
Free FedEx 2-day shipping on orders over $100

Each cartridge is equal to only half a pack of smokes
Poor customer service
Limited warranty
No money back guarantee
Full Volcano Ecigs Review
Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes that contain more than 4,000 toxic chemicals, they deliver nicotine in a safer manner – using only the additive Propylene Glycol or Glycerin which is a non-toxic, oil based humectant typically found in FDA-approved food coloring and cake mixes.

Volcano uses only US-made e-liquids formulated from the highest quality ingredients with the highest production standards. Each flavor is batch tested by an independent third-party toxicology test provider to guard against impurities. All of the ingredients are disclosed on the bottle for your reference.

The Volcano

The Volcano electronic cigarette is one of the smallest e-cigs currently on the market. When fully assembled, the Volcano is the exact same size as a traditional cigarette, making it a great fit for anyone who wants their vaping to fully mimic real smoking. The Volcano’s 2-piece design takes the hassle out of putting together small parts. Each cartomizer will give you roughly a half a pack worth of puffs.

Because of its small size, the Volcano produces the least amount of power among all Volcano ecigs. If you are a regular to heavy smoker, you might want to try the bigger Magma and Inferno models. The Volcano mini cig comes with a V-Pack which serves as a smart, portable charging case that keeps your ecig charged on the go and has slots built for your cartomizers and batteries.

The Magma

The Magma electronic cigarette provides the perfect blend of power and portability yet remains quite small in size compared to similar models. When fully assembled, the Magma is nearly the exact same size as a 100′s cigarette. The tank setup and M-Pack make the Magma ecig ideal for smokers who are on the go. The tanks are easily refillable and reusable and can carry enough liquid equivalent to about 10 cigarettes.

The Inferno

The Inferno is the hottest selling product in the Volcano E-cigs line. Designed for pack-a-day smokers, the Inferno battery provides enough power to last a day and is built with a USB port so you can vape while charging. It also has a 5-click on/off safety feature which allows you to turn the e-cigarette off when not in use.

The Inferno delivers nicotine through a TubeTank vapor system which is composed of a 4ml tube tank, a 1.5ohm resistance cartomizer, a silicone seal, and a clear plastic drip tip.

The Lavatube

The Lavatube is a game-changer that’s now sitting at the top of the variable volt vaping category. Packed with features that vaping connoisseurs will love, the Lavatube has a sleek aluminum or copper body, LCD screen that displays current voltage setting, vented removable end cap with spring for battery tension, and buttons for power, activation, and voltage adjustment.

The Lavatube is powered by one rechargeable AW IMR High Drain18650 LiMN battery and delivers nicotine through a TubeTank vapor system. The Volcano TubeTank for the Lavatube comes with a 7ml tube, 3ohm resistance cartomizer, silicone seal, and clear plastic drip tip.

The Lavatube battery has different power settings ranging from 3V to 6V with 2.5 amps of current. If you want a large amount of vapor, you can set the ecig to 6V. If you want a more discrete puff of vapor, set the battery to 3V. The traditional e-cigarette experience can be reproduced by a 3 or 4 setting.

The Lavatube was voted “Best New Mod by Guide to Vaping in 2011.

Power Up Your Batteries with Green Smoke Chargers

Green Smoke Ecigs run on batteries, so it is important to always carry Green Smoke chargers in your herb vape pen kit. A battery that is low in power can result in lackluster vapor and a slightly burnt taste – things you don’t want from your ecig. To enjoy the rich flavor and vapor of Green Smoke, make sure that your battery is fully charged.

Greensmoke offers a wide variety of chargers. The most essential piece that any vaper should have is the USB charger. This connects your battery to a variety of power sources such as a USB port, a wall outlet, and a car cigarette lighter. For best value, get the USB Charger Super Pack which includes 3 USB chargers for $10 less.

If you do not have access to a computer, you can charge your battery through any electrical outlet by using a Green Smoke wall adapter. Simply screw in your herb vape pen battery to the USB charger, connect it to the adapter, and plug into any standard wall outlet. In addition to charging all of your herb vape penarette batteries, this adapter will also charge most of your USB powered devices like mobile phones and MP3 players. For one great price, you can purchase the Green Smoke Home Charger Kit which includes a USB charger and a wall adapter.

herb vape penarette USB
Charging your battery on the road is easy with the Green Smoke car adapter. Attach your herb vape penarette to the USB charger, connect it to the adapter, and plug into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

Green Smoke has also created special high-powered chargers for USB cigarettes. If you want to use your USB cigarette away from your desk or in your car, you can connect it to the white Green Smoke wall adapter or car adapter and puff away.

Firebrand Millennium Cyclone

Multiple flavors of tobacco will attract seasoned eCigarette enthusiasts.

With only two battery colors and one LED color, customers cannot personalize this eCig much.

The Verdict: 5.5/10
The Fire Millennium Cyclone is capable of good vapor production but lacks sufficient nicotine options.

Firebrand eCigarettes occupy a slot on our review of the best eCigarettes. The company accomplishes this by offering 10 distinct flavors, long-lasting batteries and a solid design. The Firebrand kit arrives in a small black box, with the company’s white flame logo framed squarely in the middle. While the Firebrand logo contrasts nicely against the black box, the presentation may not strike a chord with those who prefer softer, more conventional presentation.

The Firebrand starter kit contains the following items:

Two Firebrand Millennium batteries
10 Cyclone Customizers in your choice of flavor and strength
Wall charger (your choice)
Black leatherette carry case
Despite limiting battery choices to black or white, Firebrand batteries come off as sleek and modern, if not slightly aggressive. They will appeal to a younger clientele, while leaving mature eCigarette enthusiasts searching for a more conventional design.

Flavor cartridges come in a variety of flavors, including: Classic Tobacco, Menthol Ice and the Door’s-inspired Riders on the Storm. If you choose to fill your own cartridges, you have the opportunity to select from 11 flavors. Putting an emphasis on tobacco-flavored liquids, Firebrand offers four unique tobacco flavors: Signature Tobacco, Black Label Tobacco, Cowboy Tobacco and the sinisterly named Outlaw Tobacco. If you prefer your flavors on the lighter and sweeter side, you’ll enjoy such flavors as The Fuzz (a peach-inspired concoction), Cherry Bomb and Sarsaparilla.

Unfortunately, Firebrand only offers two levels of nicotine with this electronic cigarette: high and medium. The best portable vaporizers manufacturers offer a low nicotine level as well as an option for flavors with zero nicotine.

Seasoned and new eCigarette enthusiasts alike will appreciate Firebrand offering both manual and automatic batteries. While some appreciate the vapor control manual batteries afford, many people simply don’t want to be hassled with pushing a button while drawing on their weed vapes, which a manual batteries require. With Firebrand, each battery charge rewards you with nearly 250 puffs, or the equivalent of approximately 25 cigarettes. Taking good care of your Firebrand battery will result in roughly six months of use before it dies.

Firebrand Summary: 5.5/10
While Firebrand’s product design and branding won’t appeal to the masses, it certainly does fill a particular niche. If you prefer a bold and somewhat brash aesthetic to your eCigarette, you’re bound to appreciate the aggressive style of the Firebrand Millennium Cyclone. You will also be pleased with the battery performance and flavor choices.

Electronic Cigarettes Market Stronger Than Ever

When vaporizers first made it to the UK back in 2008, many analysts believed it was just a fad that would pass quickly. While that has certainly not proven to be the case, no one could have imagined just how quickly and dynamically the industry here would grow. We can now say it’s official: When it comes to electronic cigarettes, UK consumers are enthusiastically behind them as a real viable tobacco alternative .Mysterious man vaping an electronic cigarette in London
An Alternative Product, Nothing More
For proper perspective, it is important to note that electronic cigarettes are sold as an alternative to tobacco, nothing more and nothing less. They are not sold as smoking cessation devices; they are not marketed to children or non-smokers; they are not intended to treat or cure any illness. The designation as a tobacco alternative is important in light of the many criticisms surrounding electronic cigarettes. Yet despite those criticisms, Action on Smoking and Health now estimates there are approximately 1.3 million vapers (those who use e-cigs) in the UK. That number is staggering. If the estimates of 10 million British smokers are accurate, and if vapers are considered statistically to still be smokers, then the numbers imply more than 10% of those individuals have reduced their tobacco use through e-cigarettes. If we say that reduction is just one tobacco cigarette per day, that’s a reduction of 1.3 million cigarettes every 24 hours. That works out to more than 474 million cigarettes every year. How can that not be good? Clearly it is fantastic!
A Cleaner Choice
The same characteristics that make e-cigarette vapor free of virtually all the toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke are the same characteristics that make vaping a ‘cleaner choice’. To understand the concept of a cleaner experience, one need only trust his nose. When tobacco burns, it releases chemicals in the form of heavy particulates capable of penetrating hair, clothing, furniture, curtains, etc. That’s why tobacco smoking leaves that used ashtray smell behind. The atomization of e-cigarette liquid does no such thing. You could walk into a room previously occupied by 10 vapers, just 30 minutes after they vacated, and you wouldn’t see or smell anything that would indicate electronic cigarette use. Try that with just one tobacco smoker. The comparison is so stark it cannot be ignored. If you would like to see clinical data verifying the fact that vaping is a cleaner choice, you might check out some of the links provided by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA). Their website is a virtual gold mine of information.
Less Expensive Alternative
When it comes to the cost of tobacco versus electronic cigarettes, UK consumers have made it clear they prefer the electronic choice. It’s not surprising when you consider you can save between 30% and 70% depending on your tobacco brand and the e-cigarette you choose. Based on a 20-a-day habit, that’s a significant amount of money to be saved. If you are still smoking tobacco, you might want to use the cost calculator on our main page to see how much money you could save. As a founding member of ECITA, E cig is proud to continue offering UK vapers some of the best e-cigarette products on the market. We strive every day to ensure the best quality, a fair pricing structure, and customer service designed to meet your every need. We hope you’ll try our products as a tobacco alternative if you’re still smoking.

E Cigs Reviews – consumer reviews

V2 vaporizer pens Great Flavors, but there are problems – V2 Standard Kit Rating
Posted by Kim on 7th Feb 2014

I started with this kit and have continued to order from V2.

perfect decision maker – V2 10-Flavor Sampler Rating
Posted by louie on 7th Feb 2014

Thank goodness for V2 offering a sampler so i can finally choose my favorite flavors without blowing tons of money. red – a full and delicious regular tobacco taste. tastes like many other “red” herbal vaporizer pen flavors, not bad at all sahara – sweeter and better version of red, my favorite tobacco flavor congress – weaker than red in kick, but generally the same type of taste mint tea – orgasmic and perfect peppermint – not nearly as good as menthol menthol – classic with no nonsense coffee – sometimes tastes like coffee vanilla – sweet, savory, and perfect all in all, i’m very satisfied with all the flavors and will probably be repurchasing mint tea, sahara, and vanilla in the future as these are the sweetest and most satisfying

Wow I’m impressed – V2 EX Blanks (3-Pack) Rating
Posted by Vince on 7th Feb 2014

We ordered a set of blank cartomizers (tobacco vaporizer) and Clearomizers (EX Blanks) to use the E-Juices we like. Wow, that was the ticket. Although not sold on 1/2 wick system, they work great. We have had 0 issues so far. We prefer the Clearomizers and they work just as good as the big more expensive clumsy ones. Also good success with the blank Cartomizers, when we put our preferred liquid in them. Overall the Clearomizers definitely made us feel better about V2 purchase. V2 should consider better E-Juice, put blank cartomizers and a Clearomizer or 2 in their kits.

Great product – V2 Flavor Cartridges (20-Pack) Rating
Posted by Cathy on 7th Feb 2014

I have been using the V2 cigs for about a year now & was introduced to them by my daughter who was trying to quit cigarettes. I had been using another brand of electronic cigs & the V2 is far superior to all others on the market!! Customer service is outstanding & shipping is about a week for my area (Ohio)…I am happy to say that I have been using this product for 2 years now & will NEVER go back to an alternative. Just wish I could get hubby to switch. Lastly, I would like to comment on the flavors V2 has to offer as they are the best on the market. Believe me, I had tried many other brands of e-cigs before happily settling on the V2 brand, & there is nothing out there that can compare to the flavors & satisfaction.

One of the best – V2 Cinnamon (20-Pack) Rating
Posted by Cathy on 7th Feb 2014

I too am an avid vaper & decided to give the cinnamon a try when they first came out — love the flavor & hope V2 will make this a regular selection! Have more on the way.

Awesome flavor – V2 Grape (20-Pack) Rating
Posted by Cathy on 7th Feb 2014

I never write reviews but thought it was time I did so. I have been using V2 for a year now. The grape is one of my favorite favors along with coffee & vanilla. As other have pleaded, please, please make this one of your regular flavors & never get rid of it!!! I would love to see the pumpkin spice become a regular flavor as I thought it was a wonderful change from some of the others. But again, please don’t ever discontinue the grape.

Burned Oil – V2 EX Blanks (3-Pack) Rating
Posted by Vince on 6th Feb 2014

I have been using these for months now and like them.

The Best – V2 Cinnamon (40-Pack) Rating
Posted by Twyla on 6th Feb 2014

So hoping V2 keeps these on the forever list. This flavor is the most satisfying of all.

Instead of using the rings – V2 Battery – EX Series Rating
Posted by on 5th Feb 2014

The ex battery has the additional rings, however the caps that the cartridges come with work well. I used a razor blade to cut 3 wide rings out of each cap. That’s six per cartridge that can be used to cover the holes and get the draw needed. I’m going to be ordering the ex blanks and plan to do the same to make sure they work with the ex battery

4 years – V2 Standard Cig (79 mm) Rating
Posted by cathy on 5th Feb 2014

When they work, they’re great – I’ve been using v2 for over four years.