Firebrand Millennium Cyclone

Multiple flavors of tobacco will attract seasoned eCigarette enthusiasts.

With only two battery colors and one LED color, customers cannot personalize this eCig much.

The Verdict: 5.5/10
The Fire Millennium Cyclone is capable of good vapor production but lacks sufficient nicotine options.

Firebrand eCigarettes occupy a slot on our review of the best eCigarettes. The company accomplishes this by offering 10 distinct flavors, long-lasting batteries and a solid design. The Firebrand kit arrives in a small black box, with the company’s white flame logo framed squarely in the middle. While the Firebrand logo contrasts nicely against the black box, the presentation may not strike a chord with those who prefer softer, more conventional presentation.

The Firebrand starter kit contains the following items:

Two Firebrand Millennium batteries
10 Cyclone Customizers in your choice of flavor and strength
Wall charger (your choice)
Black leatherette carry case
Despite limiting battery choices to black or white, Firebrand batteries come off as sleek and modern, if not slightly aggressive. They will appeal to a younger clientele, while leaving mature eCigarette enthusiasts searching for a more conventional design.

Flavor cartridges come in a variety of flavors, including: Classic Tobacco, Menthol Ice and the Door’s-inspired Riders on the Storm. If you choose to fill your own cartridges, you have the opportunity to select from 11 flavors. Putting an emphasis on tobacco-flavored liquids, Firebrand offers four unique tobacco flavors: Signature Tobacco, Black Label Tobacco, Cowboy Tobacco and the sinisterly named Outlaw Tobacco. If you prefer your flavors on the lighter and sweeter side, you’ll enjoy such flavors as The Fuzz (a peach-inspired concoction), Cherry Bomb and Sarsaparilla.

Unfortunately, Firebrand only offers two levels of nicotine with this electronic cigarette: high and medium. The best portable vaporizers manufacturers offer a low nicotine level as well as an option for flavors with zero nicotine.

Seasoned and new eCigarette enthusiasts alike will appreciate Firebrand offering both manual and automatic batteries. While some appreciate the vapor control manual batteries afford, many people simply don’t want to be hassled with pushing a button while drawing on their weed vapes, which a manual batteries require. With Firebrand, each battery charge rewards you with nearly 250 puffs, or the equivalent of approximately 25 cigarettes. Taking good care of your Firebrand battery will result in roughly six months of use before it dies.

Firebrand Summary: 5.5/10
While Firebrand’s product design and branding won’t appeal to the masses, it certainly does fill a particular niche. If you prefer a bold and somewhat brash aesthetic to your eCigarette, you’re bound to appreciate the aggressive style of the Firebrand Millennium Cyclone. You will also be pleased with the battery performance and flavor choices.